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Rock/Creek Climbing Gear Sale Will Not Break Your Heart or Wallet

Is there a level of irony in the correlation between a relationship crush, and those who go out to the boulderfields or cliffs and “crush” their projects?
Usually in a crush situation, someone develops feelings, but one side is not reciprocating the love, therefore the term “crush” means one of the two ends up getting hurt.
So then, why have we reasoned it a good idea to use the words “crush it” while climbing? Doesn’t that mean, we are setting ourselves up to get heart broken?

Stick with simplicity! Rock/Creek won’t break your heart;
with Climbing Gear On Sale up to 30% off!

Harnesses and Hardware from Black Diamond, Climbing Shoes from Five Ten, Evolv and La Sportiva, and Ropes & Slings from Bluewater Ropes and Sterling.