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Rock/Creek Offers In Store Sock Specials- Buy Two, Get Third Free for SmartWool, Wigwam and Goodhew

My family is the definition of “walking your socks off”. We can’t help it! When there’s beauty to be seen and only so much daylight to experience it all, you’d better strap your walking shoes on, ’cause there’s no telling when you’ll be back in the safety of your comfortable couch.
As a military family, we moved around a lot, and took full advantage of the tourist hot spots. I remember one story in particular; my grandparents were visiting us in Germany and my dad had his usual “to do list- don’t waste daylight- see all the sites” agenda in mind. Over hill, over dale, up, down, around and back they went.
The punchline of this story is, my dad walked my grandparents so long and so hard, he literally walked holes in their socks! Their memories and pictures captured were well worth it (in hind-site) but if you ever want to see an ungodly amount of tourist locations in one day, you should go with my father. ~ Rachel

For those traveling to Chattanooga, TN this weekend to partake in the barrage of RiverRocks events, Rock/Creek wanted to share a few In-Store sock specials occuring in conjunction with Rock/Creek’s StumpJump 50K Trail Race on Saturday October 2, 2010.
Trail Runners and Road Runners, we know you go through socks like a bakery goes through flour. To keep your feet, toes and heels protected against blisters and the damages of sweat, consider our SmartWool Sock deal.
When you Buy any 2 SmartWool Socks, you get a Third SmartWool Sock FREE!
For our hikers and walkers in the crowd, you should consider Rock/Creek’s deal on popular hiking socks by Wigwam.
When you Buy any 2 Wigwam Socks, you get a Third Wigwam Sock FREE!
Finally, for our stylish sock goers, browse the fun new Fall colors by locally made Goodhew Socks. When you Buy any 2 Goodhew Sock styles, Get a Third Goodhew Sock FREE!
Let Rock/Creek make your feet happy through the long days, with our great sock deals, and we hope you enjoy all the events in and around Chattanooga the next two weeks!
Shop all our Socks on Sale online at, and don’t forget to stop by Rock/Creek’s 3 Store locations this weekend for our Sock Deals: Rock/Creek at 2 North Shore, Rock/Creek at Hamilton Place Mall, and our water sports and closeouts store Rock/Creek Down Under.