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Rock/Creek Race Team- Josh Hite

Josh Hite

Age: 33

Occupation: Business Owner & College Writing Instructor
Years Running: 19 years

After being the solo cross country runner in high school, I completed my first marathon in 1996 at just 18 years of age. This idea came after running about eighteen miles while lost on the trails of the Big South Fork. After high school I took the option of running through college instead of running in college.  Maintaining around twenty miles a week kept a smile on my face for years, but I needed more. The birth of my first son spurred me to run more (with him in a stroller). In 2007 I returned to marathoning – six that year. The next two years I ran fourteen marathons (2008) and then twenty two (2009). In 2009 I had fourteen marathon podiums. Before the onslaught, my racing was mainly local 5k-10ks and a trail race whenever available. I have since found that my racing consists of feats of recovery more than feats of speed.

Favorite Run or Race:

Rock/Creek Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race

Favorite Training Trail(s):

Big South Fork Grand Gap Loop (I got lost the first time and ran 16 miles, twice as much as I wanted to).

Tips for other runners

Run with a smile. Races are the few times you may not have a smile on your face, and the absence is acceptable. Upon discovering the absence of a smile, do what it takes to find the smile again. I run a lot. I better be smiling a lot.

Lifelong Running Goals:
Run unto my last day. Finish with at least twenty Marathon wins. Help as many people break the 3:00 marathon mark as possible.

2010 Races and Past Accomplishments:

2010 – 17 marathons. 10 podiums, 3 overall wins. 3 course records.
June 10 – R/C Chattanooga mountains stage Race 4OA

2009- 22 marathons. 14 podiums. 5 overall wins. 3 Course Records. Including 8 marathons in 8 weeks, 7 sub 3 hours.

Race Calendar/Goals for 2011:
Feb– Mercedes Marathon
April – Knoxville Marathon
April – Boston Marathon
May – Scenic City Trail Marathon
June – Rock Creek Stage Race
I sometimes decide on a marathon or ultra a few days before the event. I am sure I will continue running a marathon every calendar month in 2011. The active streak is at 35 months.