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Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Jeff Edmonds, Runs Among Giants

Defeat within Victory? Jeff Edmonds words on running and progress:

Avenue of Giants Marathon Rock/Creek Race Team member Jeff Edmonds, of Nashville, TN took first place in the Avenue of the Giants Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10K in Northern California on May 12, 2009. Jeff finished with a quick marathon time of 2:47:51 with a pace of 6:24.
This popular Marathon is a Boston Qualifier and is famed for being well organized and rated by RUNNERS WORLD as one of the most scenic in the country. The race is held in the Humboldt Redwood State Park, about 250 miles north of San Francisco. It started up in May 1972 after a local running club, Six Rivers Running Club, wanted a course that would give them a chance to qualify for the 1972 US Olympic Trials. The course [PDF map] is a double out and back, starting under a canopy of Redwoods, and finishing with a gradual six mile uphill climb reportedly comparable to Boston’s famous “Heartbreak Hill.”
Since his win, Jeff has had time to ponder the marathon, and if you ever wondered what a Philosopher thought of racing, click the link to “Logic of Long Distance- Running and Philosophy” to read his opinions on the Avenue
of the Giants Marathon, and more…

” None of this, of course, was running through my head at the starting line. I was thinking the same things I always think. Relax. Let the pace come to you. Trust in your training…”

[Some explicit language and opinions, personal to Jeff, are expressed within “The Logic of Long Distance.” Please make note before reading]