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Rock/Creek Race Team Members & Race Included on 2008 Ultra List

john-brower-MS509132The Ultra List, compiled by Ultrarunning Magazine, includes two Rock/Creek Race Team Members this year. The list highlights the fastest 100 times from each distance, from 50k up to 100 milers. John Brower, one of our newest team members, made the list as the 65th fastest 50 mile time at 6:51. He won the Mississippi 50. In fact, he won that race again this year, as we reported earlier, so we anticipate he will show up on the list again next year.
Kris Whorton made the 100 mile list twice, in #40 for her Vermont run at 22:32, and again for Pinhoti at #66 with a time of 23:25. Awesome job Kris & John!
Also, the Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k made the list as the 10th biggest 50k in North America, with 198 finishers.
Kris Whorton at the Pinhoti 100Ultrarunning continues to grow as a sport. Rock/Creek added several new ultra-distance trail runs this year, most notably the Lookout Mountain 100k, which will take place again in 2009. Here are some interesting facts from the 2008 ultrarunning season:
503 North American ultra distance races
30,789 finishes by 17,139 individuals (20% growth over 2007)
The race distances break down as follows:
45% of the finishers were 50K races
26% 50 mile
9% 100 mile
3% 100K
The rest were non-standard distances
2,592 of the finishers last year were 100 mile finishers, up by 50% over 2007 and that is without the largest 100 miler (Western States) which was canceled due to fires.
84% of all finishers were on dirt, the rest were hybrid, road or track.
Also of note, the fastest 100 mile time in the world last year was 13:27 by the Greek legond Yiannis Kouros who is 52 years old and the holder of 134 world distance running records. The second fastest time was an hour back. So if you’ve been thinking about picking up a new sport, it’ll take a couple years, but if you’re healthy, you’re probably not too old to start! Read our article on making the Rock/Creek StumpJump your first 50k and start training today!