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Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Roxanne Zobava, Wins 3rd at Mt. Mist 50k

“Roxanne Zobava joined the Rock/Creek Race Team mid season in 2010. Her consistant podium placements and enthusiasm for running, makes us proud to have her on the team. She loves the sport so much, she recently moved to be closer to the beautiful Chattanooga mountain trails! Welcome Roxanne back for the 2011 season, and read how her first 2011 race went. She placed 3rd Female Overall with a time of 5:30:04.” ~ Rock/Creek

Mountain Mist 50k
Jan. 22, 2011
Huntsville, AL

“What a wonderful race. The weather was perfect in my eyes; start was around 27 degrees and by the end of the race it was 40. I was so happy to run this race finally because I have heard so many great things about it from fellow teammates and friends Kris and Randy Whorton. My plan was to run with Randy most of the time. He has run Mt.Mist 12-13 times so he knew the course. He told me the first half is very easy to go fast and the last half is much more challenging.

The first 6 miles or so were fast. Only one big climb but I LOVE THE HILLS! I got to the first aid station feeling great so I decided from the 1st aid to the 2nd, I would pick it up a bit. Randy had passed me before we got to the 3rd aid. The course was a perfect balance of technical, beautiful views, and hills. At the 3rd aid I got to see my dog, China, so that was GREAT and gave me a little spark in my step. By this point I had been running with a few different people off and on and everyone one was it great spirits. We had a few slippery rocks that had some ice but it was a great day for me because I was able to stay “on my feet”. The ground was just frozen enough to were it was tough and not muddy and most of the ice by the half way point had melted off the rocks.

My nutrition was going well. I was thinking about the waterline and the climb up to aid 5 and wanted to make sure I had some energy. I heard it was tough. It was GREAT! The waterline climb made me dig deep; close to 25 miles into the 50k. A climb like that can break you. But I love the climb and then literally climbing. So cool!

Second to last aid, Kris met me there with China and Kris’ energy plus China’s was like having a Hammer gel! Awesome! There were a couple more climbs to the finish and then hit the last aid and it was a nice smooth line to the finish. I finished 3rd female overall with a time of 5:30:04. This race is a MUST to put on your bucket list! “

Roxanne’s Gear:
Patagonia beanie hat (LOVE IT!!)
Patagonia vest
Long Sleeve Patagonia Capilene
Patagonia sportbra
North Face gloves
Smartwool socks (can’t run without them!)
Montrail streaks

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