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Rock/Creek Rated #1 with ExOfficio:

A true testimony to the attention to detail and care that Rock/Creek Employees embody, Rock/Creek was voted #1 in the country for the most compelling merchandise display and greatest number of customer sweepstakes entries to promote ExOfficio’s “Adventure with Purpose” Morocco Sweepstakes.
Valued at $13,000 the prize consists of a 2-week Moroccan Camel Trek, ExOfficio Clothing outfitting, and travel vouchers. Rock/Creek employees directed customers toward the travel specific benefit of ExOfficio clothing, as well as informed them of the “Adventure with Purpose” Morocco Sweepstakes… then, we celebrated.
ExOfficio General Manager, Steve Bendzak, rolled in with a truly amazing Northwest style BBQ FEAST!
Thank you to our customers for your enthusiasm about ExOfficio Travel gear, and thank you ExOfficio for giving Rock/Creek a fun challenge.