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Rock/Creek Releases Beginner’s Trail Running Video

Trail Running Training: Interview with New Runner Laura Davis from Rock/Creek on Vimeo.

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Rock/Creek today announces the release of a new trail running video aimed at inspiring beginners and those new to the sport. Featured in this latest video from the Rock/Creek Trail Series is stay-at-home mom Laura Davis. Her story carries listeners through her process and motivation to get in shape through outdoor adventure. Laura shares her experience of losing 25 pounds in 3 months after picking up a trail running training schedule in preparation for the Scenic City Trail Marathon, the next Rock/Creek Trail Series event. Davis’ enthusiasm will give you goosebumps as you sense the pure joy coming from her accomplishment! Weather you are a beginner or someone established in the running community Rock/Creek encourages everyone to share this video to get the word out that “You can do it”. The video is available online on Vimeo and YouTube, at: and

Race Director and Wilderness Trail Association (WTA) Executive Director Jonathan Mobley, who identified Laura as a candidate for the film, sees the film as part of his organization’s broader purpose: “Laura is speaking a message that we hope many will hear.  As we expand our mission as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we hope to provide resources, education, and events for anyone who wants to enjoy wilderness trails in greater Chattanooga.” Race proceeds from the Rock/Creek Trail Series go fund these outreach efforts as well as continued trail building and maintenance.

“I knew by the second question that we had an amazing story here,” explains interviewer Mark McKnight from Rock/Creek; “Laura spoke with a confidence and passion that I knew would resonate with viewers, and Andrew did such a great job with the finished product. I hope this inspires beginners to get out and enjoy the outdoors.” Filmmaker Andrew Kornylak shares Mark’s enthusiasm: “Her excitement and joy about trail running was so inspiring to witness. I’m really glad we got to talk to her about her first race!”

Rock/Creek and Kornylak have collaborated on video in the past, but this one stands out as the first oriented entirely to beginners and with the express purpose of inspiring viewers to get outside. Mobley continues to explain how this video fits the larger mission of WTA: “We want to provide inspiration for those who are ready for change and who want to pursue more healthy and active lifestyles in this scenic playground called Chattanooga.  I applaud Laura for her dedication and courage and know that she will continue to be an inspiration to many.”

After watching the finished product, Laura expressed her gratitude to the filmmakers: “Thank you so much for asking me to do that interview, you have helped re-inspire me with my own words. How cool is that!”

Davis also expands on her commentary from the video and reflects on what has come out of her marathon training program: “Training for this marathon has taught me so much about myself. I now know that I am capable of doing things that in the past I never thought possible. I am doing something that the majority of the world will never do. I am a stinking strong person, and I can endure painful things if I put my mind to it. This training has also helped me realize that no matter the shape of my body or the size that I ware should ever stop me from feeling confident about who I am. I can do amazing things too!”

Davis also has enjoyed getting to know the trail running community around Chattanooga: “It has been such a neat experience to be welcomed with open arms into such a cool community of runners here in Chattanooga,” she explains, “I have made new friends, inspired others and felt like I just got to join one of the coolest clubs in town.”

There’s still time to sign up for the Scenic City Trail Marathon, with a deadline of this Thursday, May 13th for runners to get a shirt. All registration is online at:

For more information on the Rock/Creek River Gorge Race, and to watch the last video from the series, visit:

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