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Rock/Creek Runners Win Sweetwater 50k & Half Marathon

The Rock/Creek Race Team kicked some butt this weekend in Georgia. Check out this race report from Matt Sims, the team captain and a great trail runner who won the Half Marathon this weekend:
The Sweetwater 50K (southeast regional championship) and the Sweetwater Half Marathon, both won by Team members.
In short,
62 runners started the 50K.
153 runners started the Half Marathon
DSC01359This the second annual Sweetwater 50K and the RRCA has named this 50k the Southeast Regional Championship Race.
The race was well done and consists of some pretty technical trails in Sweetwater State Park, just west of Downtown Atlanta.
Myself, Natalie, Kathy Johns, and Sheridan Ames drove down to Lithia Springs, GA early Saturday morning. Met at the Rock/Creek parking lot at 4:45am and got to the race at 6:35am. Both the 50k and the Half Marathon started together and then split off to their repsective distances at about mile 12.
There were over 150 runners in the Half Marathon so I decided I should get away early so that I could get on the trail and not be hampered by slower runners. Myself and one other guy took off from the starting line and ran the first mile on the road together. As soon as we joined the trail, I was able to get away from him on some technical turns and steep rocky downhills and never saw anyone again until mile 12.5. I thought I pretty much had this one in the bag until I heard the leaves rustling behind me with a younger runner bearing down on me in the last half mile. Miraculously, I was able to hold him off and crossed the line with 15 or so seconds to spare.
Matt Sims 1:38:16
DSC01351Natalie felt the effects of being sick earlier in the week and within 20 minutes of the run, felt her hair stand up on her skin and was having cold chills. Not a great sign when the starting temperature was 67 degrees.
She bailed out at mile 13.
Kathy Johns finished as 6th woman overall. She was the 30 finisher of the 50k with a time of 6:41.
Sheridan Ames finished 1st place in 5:01:44. Sheridan said the course was brutal. The humidity and the 80 degree temps made the day pretty hard mentally and physically.
-Matt Sims