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Rock/Creek Shares the Importance of Giving Back

IMG_0098_cropYesterday, Rock/Creek’s co-owner Dawson Wheeler had an afternoon discussion with a local community education group on the subject of Rock/Creek’s business passions, and how Rock/Creek has grown to be what it is today.
Their teacher has the goal to tour local Chattanooga businesses to educate the young middle school aged kids on the importance of local businesses and giving back to the community.
Dawson, along with Rock/Creek’s Marketing Director, Mark McKnight, brought up Rock/Creek’s branding campaign which supported local business professionals from Widgets & Stone .
“We looked at locations such as New York, Los Angeles, CA and other places, but our local talent was just as good” stated Mark. He went on to explain the importance of following the brand guidelines which adds consistency within Rock/Creek’s stores and online at
IMG_0100A few members of the group who participate in activities such as soccer, dance, and other academic studies provided the perfect illustration for two key encouragements Dawson used in closing:
“You don’t have to be big, to be the best”
which he related to Rock/Creek’s Chattanooga location and goals to continue being a local business, forever focused on excellent customer experience and
“Ready- Aim- Fire”– are the three steps you need to take to move forward and be successful at anything-
“but it may not always be pretty” Dawson advised, “you just have to go back to the ready phase and prepare more for the next aim”
Rock/Creek is thankful for the sharing opportunity and time to encourage our local young minds. Thank you for thinking of Rock/Creek as a Chattanooga business example.
For more information about Rock/Creek and who we are, and our mission as a local Specialty Outdoor Retailer, please click here for “About Us”