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Rock/Creek Travel Month

It is travel season! Do you have the Bahamas, Europe, or Fiji on your itinerary?
During this month, Rock/Creek staff attend vendor clinics to enhance their knowledge of product specifications, and hone their ability to qualitatively evaluate everyone’s travel needs.

This week’s clinic focused on Eagle Creek Travel Gear, a company inspired by travel set out to make travel easier. In the year 2009, there are key components to travel that everyone wants to avoid at the ticket counter; the $15 checked luggage fee, and the over 50 lbs. checked luggage fee. With so many expenses before you step into the air plane, it becomes an inconvenient task to evaluate your needs and minimally pack. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to never think of that initial stress? Eagle Creek produces high quality, durable travel lines so innate to packing, you will wonder why you did not previously travel using Eagle Creek. Their system is so efficient, we will walk you through a seemingly impossible travel/packing, scenario to prove Eagle Creek is the best choice for your next trip. Your life has just become simplified.
The Situation: The situation is a hypothetical couple planning a low expenses trip to Colorado. Common travel trends consist of a “Hers” bag that will be over 50 lbs. and checked luggage and a “His” bag, that will be a carry on, and have so much free space in it, he packed a pillow! This is definitely a stereotype, but you may be there, or soon be there in your future travels. The couple will be in Colorado in the spring where temperatures vary drastically from daytime and nighttime. All forms of adventure activities are planned, therefore, both casual and active clothing will need to be packed.
The Packing Systems: After doing research on packing light and efficient, the couple decided to invest in durable luggage. They chose the Eagle Creek Tarmac ES 22 because it is the acceptable carry on approved size. To organize their pants and extra shirts, they chose the Eagle Creek Pack-It 2 Sided Cube because you can make one side “His” and the other side “Hers”. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 18 will offer a neat folding case with velcro closures which allow variations in clothing volume. Due to the elevation change, our couple wants to pack insulation layers consisting of 800 Fill Down Jackets, and Insulated Softshell Jackets. They purchased a package of Eagle Creek Pack-It Compressor (Medium) to compress the high volume jackets; Lastly, the couple will bring the Eagle Creek Pack-It 2 Sided Half Cube which is a smaller, two sided zip case for accessories and base layers.
The following is a visual progression of packing to see first hand how easy it is to use Eagle Creek Packing Solutions.
They will use two, carry on approved, Eagle Creek Tarmac ES 22 bags to avoid checking luggage fees.
The couple will be bringing a variety of clothing due to the diversity of activities and climate conditions. For Her clothes, she is packing two pants, one skirt, three active tank tops, one active capri pant, and a medium weight layer. For His clothes, he is packing two pants, one pair of shorts, two casual button up shirts, wind breaker, a few tee shirts, and a hardshell layer. All clothing examples consist of Arc’Teryx Spring 2009 Men’s and Women’s Casual and Fitness clothing. The majority of thier active and casual clothing can be folded and contained neatly using the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 18. Other sizes available are the Pack-It Folder 15 and Pack-It Folder 20
Two Eagle Creek Medium sized compressor sacks are perfect for compacting bulky, insulation layers such as down jackets or warm lined pants. The roll bag compresses up to 80% of bulk with a zip- locking closeur on one end, and four one way valves on the opposite end.
Our Couple has successfully packed all of their clothing needs together within one, TSA carry on approved, Eagle Creek Tarmac ES 22 (14 x 22 x 9.5 in) bag. This offers the freedom to pack their second carry on bag with shoes, and other gear their trip requires.
For more information about Travel Gear, click on Rock/Creek’s Activity Travel Tab