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Rock/Creek’s Lookout 100k Race Lost a Zero

Okay weekend warriors of trail running, we know you are out there!!!!
By chance did you by-pass the next Rock/Creek Trail Series Lookout Mountain 100k race because it had too many ZEROS behind the 1**?
Rock/Creek asks you to look again… We also have a 10k option which is still a BIG accomplishment in our opinion! For the runners who like the “minus a zero” idea, registration for the Rock/Creek Lookout Mountain 10k is still open for everyone; only $35 with a Marmot Wicked T-Shirt, and $20 without a T-Shirt. Register Here >

Finish off your workout calendar for 2009 with the Lookout Mountain 10k and see full race details at the link provided here for the Lookout 10k & 100k >
If your running year is completed, or filled with other races, plan on participating in some or all of the 2010 Rock/Creek Trail Series races. We’d love to share the experience of beautiful mountain trails and a friendly running community!
Next Up on the Rock/Creek Trail Series:
Southern 6(k) Trail Race & 1st Annual Kiddie k
February 21, 2010