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Rock/Creek’s Rolling O’ Lab event featured on iMultisport

Our friends at iMultisport have begun video coverage for a variety of sports and highlights from community events. They were present at Rock/Creek’s Two North Shore location when we hosted the Oakley Rolling O’ Lab back in June. If you missed the event this year, click on the iMultisport logo below and take a look at the full spectrum of tests and insights the Oakley Rolling O’Lab had to offer.

Oakley Jupiter SunglassesThe Oakley Rep in the beginning of the video is wearing the Oakley Jupiter Sunglasses. The Oakley Jupiter has High Definition Optic lenses as demonstrated in the visual clarity test conducted inside the Rolling O’ Lab.
Oakley Gascan Sunglasses

The Oakley Sunglasses used inside the Rolling O’ Lab for the (ANSI) Industrial Impact test were the Oakley GasCans. The demonstration included the High Velocity Impact Test with a Quarter Inch ball bearing shot at the Plutonite┬« lens, 150 ft/second= 102 MPH.
Writer’s Pick:
“The Oakley Enduring Edge Sunglasses for Women is currently my most favorite sporty looking pair of Oakley Sunglasses! For men, I have to say the Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses (REG) are really good looking glasses on a guy” -Rachel