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RootsRated website to debut at Outdoor Retailer show, with Rock/Creek supplying Chattanooga content

As announced by Horny Toad in a press release late last week, outdoor beta site RootsRated is slated to launch this weekend at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City!

Rock/Creek co-founder Dawson Wheeler and eCommerce marketing director Mark McKnight are partners in the RootsRated project, and many of the ideas behind this much-needed resource have been hatched right here in the Rock/Creek offices. This is a limited launch, beginning with outdoor content for the Chattanooga and SLC areas.

RootsRated is, simply put, an outdoor travel guide. Ever find yourself traveling to a city, wondering where you can rock climb or trail run when you get there? Are you new to your area, or looking to try a new sport? With RootsRated, the best beta for any region is at your fingertips.

This is “expertly-curated” information, which means our local experts have selected their favorite spots for you. You won’t have to wade through dozens of options before making a choice; the 5 or 10 best local spots are right there, so you can pick one and get out there. If you need a piece of gear before heading out, you’ll be able to connect with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance retailers in that region — the same experts who’ve provided the content.

Here’s what Mark had to say about the project:

“Grassroots Retailers are already the hub of local knowledge for trails, crags, and put-ins in their respective markets. RootsRated will give us a way to capture, syndicate, share and constantly improve this knowledge and most importantly make it more readily available to break down barriers to participation in these sports,” states Mark McKnight, RootsRated partner and ecommerce Marketing Director for Grassroots retailer Rock/Creek.

The entire press release is available here.

RootsRated is going to empower adventurous people to find the most memorable experiences; this platform is the perfect resource for those in search of authentic local knowledge. Sign up and help spread the word at

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