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Save up to 50% at our Marmot summer clearance sale

Hot on the heels of clearance sales for The North Face and Patagonia, we’re pleased to announce special end-of-season clearance pricing on Marmot clothing and Marmot gear as well. Those are the magic words, yes? Marmot sale!

The best thing about the summer clearance sale is, well… it’s still summer. Sure, you can find great deals on a ski jacket in July, but you’d have to stare at it in your closet for months and months after ponying up the dough. With this Marmot sale, you can buy a tent or a rain jacket at exactly the time of year you actually NEED a tent and a rain jacket! See, we’re making this easy.

Whether you’re hiking, climbing, backpacking, canoeing or just camping out, Marmot makes the clothing and gear to keep you comfortable and happy out there. Marmot is one of the most trusted names in the world for outdoor apparel and equipment, and at Rock/Creek we carry everything Marmot sells; that’s how much we believe in the quality and construction of their clothing and gear!

For those unfamiliar with the Marmot brand: if you’re looking for a down sleeping bag or a waterproof & breathable rain jacket, you can do no better than Marmot.

We recommend the Marmot Precip Jacket or the Marmot Never Winter 30-degree down sleeping bag, the two best-sellers pictured at right. Precip breathes while keeping you dry, and Marmot down bags are exceptionally warm and light.

Marmot rain jackets, Marmot tents, Marmot sleeping bags, men’s Marmot clothing, women’s Marmot clothing and a full range of other Marmot stuff are now available at deep, end-of-season discounts. Shop the Marmot sale at before these deals are gone…or before the weather catches you unprepared!

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