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Shannon Wheeler DeBoef, Rock/Creek Race Team

We’re proud to welcome Shannon Wheeler DeBoef to the Rock/Creek Race Team!

Shannon’s Bio:

I’ve always been a late bloomer and trail running has been no
exception for me.   Sometime in my mid 30’s I discovered that
running in the woods is fun.  Although my husband and daughters (ages
3 and 14) don’t understand my craziness, they are very supportive
when I disappear into the trees for hours at a time.  Other than a
short diversion into triathlons and the many hours I spend in a
cubicle, I’ve stuck to it since.

I feel a little bit like an imposter coming onto the team because I
have not done much ‘ultra’ stuff (other than StumpJump). However,
I somehow managed to click the sign up button for Lookout Mountain 50
Miler this year with only minor regrets.  I’m looking forward to
seeing what else this middle aged mom bod can endure.