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Shopping for a canoe or kayak? Watch R/C paddling expert Sara Horne’s boating intro!

Getting into paddling can be pretty confusing. There are a zillion different boat options, and it can be pretty tough to decide what kind of canoe or kayak is best for what you’d like to do. Do you need a sea kayak, a recreational kayak or a touring kayak? Do you want to run creeks with multiple whitewater rapids, or load up your boat with a weekend’s camping gear and paddle from island to island?

From canoes to whitewater kayaks to stand-up paddleboards, Rock/Creek carries a tremendous selection of paddling gear at our dedicated “Down Under” paddlesports store, with a team of experienced paddlers on the floor to help you make the right choices. Rock/Creek Down Under manager Sara Horne took the time to put together a quick video overview of the available options; click below to watch!



In addition to kayaks and canoes, we carry a full range of paddles, PFDs, kayak and canoe racks, spray skirts, paddling clothing and more. With a name like Rock/Creek, it’s probably obvious how enthusiastic we are about paddling, and we have everything you need to get out on the water safely and stay out there all year.

Be sure to talk to our staff about upcoming demos and classes; between our whitewater kayak and flatwater kayak demos, assisting at TVCC’s paddle school, arranging stand-up paddleboard demos, providing demo boats for the Monday night dam-to-downtown training sessions (prep for this year’s inaugural race at River Rocks) and other paddling events, Rock/Creekers are always on the water and ready to help you get started. If you’re out on the Ocoee, don’t forget about our seasonal Ocoee paddling store… and when you get back, make sure to share photos and stories of your paddlesports adventures with us on Facebook!

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