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#SJ50k: 2012 Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k results & race photos

The 2012 Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k has come and gone, and what a race it was! Here’s a recap of the event with links to results, photos and articles. If you have a blog or photo album from the race, post ’em in the comments below!

This year’s big story? In a twist reminiscent of this year’s Chuckanut, many of the top 50k runners took a wrong turn at the beginning of the race, following the 11-mile runners in the wrong direction at the initial split and ending up way, way off-course. After realizing their error and fighting their way through the pack until the Rock House aid station, most of this group — which included favorites Max King, Johnny Clemons, Brandon Wallace, Olaf Wasternack & Josh Korn — dropped from the race.

That left things wide open in the battle for the Men’s 50k win, and it was one of the best battles in recent memory. Through mile 10, Signal Mountain native and Rock/Creek Race Team member Brian Costilow led Jonathan Allen, with Matt Pruitt and Duncan Callahan in hot pursuit. By mile 19, Callahan had passed Pruitt for third, and Allen overtook Costilow at the aid station for first. Allen would hold on for the race win in 4:27:03, a solid time for the sloppy conditions; somewhere in those two long climbs out of the Suck Creek drainages, Callahan made a pass for second while Michael Plummer & Clay Hickman overtook Pruitt.

The final order: Allen, Callahan, Costilow, Plummer, Hickman, Pruitt.

As for the women, the race was just as hotly-contested. Salomon runner Kerrie Bruxvoort jumped out to an early lead but twisted her knee on the Suck Creek swinging bridge and never pulled away. For most of the day, she was followed by Megs Lederer, Nancyanne Hickman, Meghan Shaffer and Whitney Garcia. While Bruxvoort gutted it out for the win, Shaffer passed Lederer and Hickman, and then Garcia passed all three and powered her way to a strong second-place finish.

Please take a moment to thank our many StumpJump 50k sponsors & volunteers, the ones who set up vendor tents and aid stations in the rain and fog of Saturday morning, who spent all day on the course offering assistance and cheering on the runners.

These sponsors care about trail running, and deserve your support: Salomon, Rock/Creek, Collier Construction, Toyota, Get Out Chattanooga, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Smartwool, The North Face, Marmot, Trail Runner Magazine, Hammer Nutrition, Suunto, Greenlife Grocery and Blue Smoke Coffee. Their support makes this race possible, and their funding allows the building and maintainenance of trails in our area.

It truly takes the entire Chattanooga trail running community to put on a race of this magnitude, and we couldn’t ask for a better group of folks. Have your own stories to share? Come post them on our StumpJump 50k Facebook wall, or tag #SJ50k on Twitter!

Be sure to check out the great article in the Chattanooga Times-Free Press this morning, which features this great quote from race winner Jonathan Allen: “If you don’t fall in a trail race, you’re not going fast enough.” Makes the rest of us feel better for falling, right?

Despite 570 signups, only 410 runners finished the 50k, some by way of a DNF and many scared off by the weather before arriving. 263 runners finished the 11-mile race. Top finishers are listed below:

50k Men:

  • Jonathan Allen, 33, Simpsonville SC – 4:27:03
  • Duncan Callahan, 29, Gunnison CO – 4:32:57
  • Brian Costilow, 38, Signal Mountain TN – 4:47:20

50k Women:

  • Kerrie Bruxvoort, 36, Broomfield CO – 5:14:15
  • Whitney Garcia, 32, Boulder CO – 5:24:54
  • Meghan Shaffer, 32, Memphis TN – 5:33:35

11 mile Men:

  • Kevin Cook, 28, Atlanta GA – 1:22:35
  • Nick Bacon, 29, Nasvhille TN – 1:28:15
  • Owen Bradley, 33, Birmingham AL – 1:30:11

11 mile Women:

  • Whitni McConnell, 27, Athens GA – 1:41:12
  • Elizabeth Callaway, 24, Atlanta GA – 1:43:25
  • Sara Jane Flowers, 29, Signal Mountan TN – 1:55:03


Complete race results are posted here:

Of course, if you’re not here for results, you’re probably here for the photos, so here are a couple of photo albums to flip through! Rina Handwerker’s photos are from the finish line and include runners from the 11-miler and 50k; mine are mostly from the 50k course and show various runners on different parts of the course itself, as do Mark McKnight’s.

Thanks again to everyone who puts in the hard work to make this such a great event, and all the runners who took part. The next races in the Salomon Rock/Creek Trail Series are Upchuck 50k and Lookout Mountain 50-miler; we’ll see you there!

8 thoughts on “#SJ50k: 2012 Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k results & race photos

  1. Are there more photos coming? Disappointing to see so few of all the runners- including myself. Next year please at least consider getting group/ finish shots of first time ultra participants.. especially fo those without anyone there to take even personal shots. Or did I miss finish photo op–my time wa 8:28:15

    Thank you.

    1. Deborah,

      Rina Handwerker was at the race until 5:30 PM taking photos of nearly every finisher — she is uploading her photos, but it’s going to take all afternoon for her to upload 400 photos. Please check back, it’s very likely we have a photo of you crossing the finish line. As stated above, Mark McKnight and I both took trail shots along the 50k course, but we both needed to be back at the start/finish in time for the winners and this means we can only photograph the top 50 runners or so at each stop.

      Keep in mind: we are not hired professional photographers spending 9 or 10 hours on the course trying to get a photo of each runner. We are Rock/Creek employees who choose to VOLUNTEER our time on a Saturday to take photos of the event, not to mention Saturday night and/or Sunday morning going through these photos and publishing them online.

      Since the StumpJump 50k and all Salomon Rock/Creek Trail Series events are a fundraiser for a 501(c)(3) non-profit (Wild Trails), it’s not feasible for us to pay a fee to a professional photographer to do this. Occasionally, local photographers (like Robert Milks of Wilderness Adventure Photography) are willing to do so; Robert charges for his photos to make it worth his while. If you know of a pro photographer who would like to perform these duties in the future, please let us know.


  2. You guys took some great pictures. The Rock/Creek team put on a great race. I can’t thank you guys enough for a wonderful/miserable day. It was beautiful and torture at the same time. I love/hate you all. Just kidding. It is pure love. It was so much more enjoyable to see all the scenery knowing I had to work to get there. Also, looking back over all the pictures is cool knowing it is something that I have accomplished. Keep up the good work!

  3. Any 11 mile photos. If not, cool. Great race!!! Thanks for all the hard work in putting it on, you guys are the best.

    1. Glenn, we have photos from many 11-mile finishers (in Rina’s photo set) but no on-the-trail shots since the rest of our team was on the 50k course. Sorry about that!

  4. There was definitely a woman taking pictures on the 11 mile course about 1.5 miles from the finish when I came through. Any idea who that might have been?

    1. Lori, I believe that was a photographer on location for the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, they mentioned she took some trail shots for the 11-miler. She was also at the finish line later in the day. I saw a couple of them on the Times-Free Press site with the StumpJump 50k and RiverRocks articles, but I don’t know if the bulk of them have been published anywhere. Her name is Allison Love; that Times-Free Press article can be found at and is the photo album I saw.

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