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Staff Profile: Chris Brigman, Boating Manager

We’re starting a new feature on the Chronicle profiling staff members from our various stores and internet operations. Today we begin with Chris Brigman, our Chattanooga boating store manager.

Postion: Rock/Creek Down Under Manager

Age: 33

Home Town: Durham, NC

How Long have you worked at R/C:   4 years  

Any Advice for people getting into this activity:  “Take it slow, don’t get discouraged and remember that it’s supposed to be fun.”  – Chris             

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What do you consider your favorite outdoor activities:  As you can see I am an avid kayaker.  I have been doing this for the past five years and love it.  A buddy of mine told me to either buy a boat or a bike; I chose the boat.  Not long after I bought the boat, I bought a bike as well.  Even though I love the water I’m frequently seen hitting the trails on my mountain bike.   

“I am active not only because I enjoy the challenge, but it also gives me somewhere to escape.”

If you can’t find me on the river or in the woods, check the local disco, because I sure do like to cut a rug!

Top three most memorable moments outside:

1.  Running Bear Creek in Northern Georgia. This is a classic Chattanooga class V run.

2.  Running Gorilla, a class V+ rapid on the Green Narrows in Saluda, NC.

3.  A close call while trapped in my kayak 2 years ago.

Favorite place you have ever been? Why:  It would have to be The Green River Narrows in NC. It’s a clean, low consequence Class V that drops almost 400 ft. in just under 3 miles. 

Favorite product you use that Rock/Creek carries:  Other than Dagger kayaks, I would have to say Werner Paddles because they are lightweight. I also like Shred Ready helmets because they protect the noggin. I go to NRS for my various other gear needs.    

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One thought on “Staff Profile: Chris Brigman, Boating Manager

  1. Chris! I cant thank you enough for passing on the ol rocker. Ran johnies twice and dropped the high falls yesterday! Should get the video on youtube shortly, perfect line Boi!

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