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Staff Profile: Will Cornett, Store Manager

Position: Store Manager

Age: 27

Home town:  Pikeville, TN.

Will Cornett hiking near Siler's Bald

What do you consider your favorite outdoor activities, and what got you started?

My passion for the outdoors started out with my dad who is a hunting and fishing kind of guy.  I went along with him as a kid and found that I was more interested with the hike then the actual activity.  One evening, while I was flipping through one of his magazines, I came across a small backpack and I thought to myself that I must have one.  For Christmas that year I got my first external frame backpack and have been passionate about trekking through the forest ever since.  

I have been working for Rock/Creek for the past 4 years and have enjoyed getting to know some really awesome people.   For the most part Rock/Creek got me into climbing, which has since become one of my passions.   I enjoy all disciplines of climbing and  in the past two years I have begun to get into mountaineering.

Top three moments:

Almost getting hit by lighting and enduring quarter size hail on Gregory Bald in the Smokies.            

Oozing across a horrendously steep and very loose scree field on a Colorado fourteen’er.                               

Making my first run out lead at Joshua tree.

Favorite place you have ever been? Why:  Because of the scenery, big climbs, and the great wilderness setting, I must say that Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range, WY is my favorite place I have ever been.

What drives you to get outside:  I get outside because I enjoy the freezing nights and thawing mornings.  The easy clips, hard hikes, and the dirt, leaf chalky smell of my climbing gear all give me a sense of freedom. 

“I love getting into the “zone” where my body is working and my mind is relaxing.”

Other interests:  Biking, music, reading and relaxing.

Best or favorite product you use that Rock/Creek carries:  My Eagles Nest hammock.

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