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Tennessee Boulder Authority and Southeaster Climbers Coalition to Host Trail Day at Sunset Rock- June 5th

Local Chattanooga boulder climbing gym, TBA (Tennessee Boulder Authority) will be hosting a Trail Day at Sunset Rock on June 5, 2010 from 9am-1pm. Climber, hikers, and families are all encouraged to arrive and help clean up the trails along the crag and popular hiking destination. Details below:
EVENT: Sunset Rock Trail Day 2010
WHEN: Sat, June 5th at 9am – 1pm, which is also the American Hiking Society’s 18th Annual National Trails Day.
What better way to help carry on the SCC legacy as the most active volunteer group for this part of the park than to give a few hours of your time and effort this National Trails Day at Sunset?!
IMG_1169Lunch, give-away prizes, drinks, gloves, and all needed TOOLS will be provided by the National Park Service. However, we’re expecting a good turnout so feel free to bring any personal items you’d like – no power tools needed or allowed by the park service.
Continued trail improvements and general trail maintenance, trash and plant invasive species removal, install water bars and steps in trail where needed, “reclaim” original trail width in neglected sections on south end, and improve “climber access” short trails on south end if enough volunteers present.
To be determined, check back closer to June 5 for updates.
Please be sure to let Luis or Chuck know if you’re coming so we have enough food, drinks, and tools available. Look forward to seeing you there
Chuck Weber
or PM through SCC using cndweber
Luis Rodriguez
Tennessee Bouldering Authority
3804 St. Elmo Ave. Ste. 102
Chattanooga, TN 37409
cell 423-432-6009
off. 423-822-6800
fax 423-822-6801
[email protected]
See more info about Nat’l Trails Day at:

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