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The Bear Ran… Finally (Creek Boating Trip Report)

This trip report is from Cain Creek in Chattanooga, written by kayaker Chris Brigman, Rock/Creek’s paddling expert and manager of our Down Under paddling store in Chattanooga, TN. When he’s not around the shop, you can find Chris playing on the Ocoee or Rock Island, or chasing steep creeks after a good rain.
Chris Brigman Drainpipe Cain Creek, TNIt was February 6, 2008 and two days of steady rain was enough motivation to quickly load our boats, grab our gear and prepare for a much needed day on the semi-classic Chattanooga Creek called Cain. This creek is a 12 mile run with two sizeable class V rapids, the Vortex and Drainpipe, not to mention several named and unnamed class III and IV rapids. Just as we finished loading our boats, I received a call from my buddy Kat,