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The SCC Announces Fundraising for Deep Creek Climbing Access

From the Southeastern Climbers Coalition President, Paul Morely, the SCC announces today their intentions for fundraising for Deep Creek in Tennessee.  This is what it’s about folks, a working relationship between State, private land owners, and climbers interested in access! Read his statement below and see how you can get involved in supporting the cause.

“Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce to the climbing community the SCC’s fundraising effort for DEEP CREEK!

In short, Deep Creek is one of the South’s best sport climbing crags, residing within a twenty-five minute drive from Downtown Chattanooga.

For some time, Cody Averbeck, Chad Wykle, John Dorough, and many others have worked hard in developing and securing climbing access for the Deep Creek cliffline along the Cumberland Trail. With countless hours of effort, working hand in hand with the Cumberland Trail Park Service, these gentlemen have brought climbers into an agreement with the Park Service that is now documented in a Memorandum of Understanding. This document has helped solidify Climber and Park Service relations for Deep Creek and possible future development along the Cumberland Trail.

Though climber relations have favored well with the Cumberland Trail, access to the cliffline has remained an issue due to the almost non-existent “legit” parking. Many months ago, local climber Cody Averbeck teamed up with the SCC in order to secure land to allow for sufficient, adequate, and street legal parking access to the Cumberland Trail and (a sport-climber friendly approach of ten minutes) to Deep Creek.

Through coordination with the landowner, Cody was able to negotiate a signed contract in order to purchase land for a future business endeavor with the intent and contracted agreement with the SCC to provide adequate land for Deep Creek public access.

This business endeavor of Cody and Trevor Childress will serve as Chattanooga’s first climber campground and outdoor recreation center and community.

These efforts have now come into fruition, for upon closure of this contract the SCC will have enough land to allow for the proposed access point to Deep Creek.

Many climbers ask about the direction of land purchases by the SCC. As past purchases have shown, SCC purchases, and other sought acquisitions, are diverse in nature. Deep Creek is no exception. While this acquisition does not represent a purchase in cliffline property, it does fit completely within the boundaries of the SCC’s mission: securing access. The access to this brilliant piece of cliffline serves as cornerstone to the SCC’s dedication to preserving climbing areas for future generations to enjoy. With solid relations already in place with the Cumberland Trail, the SCC asks the support from climbers to do their part in preserving those relations.

At this time, the SCC has estimated a total of $25K in funds to secure climbers’ access to Deep Creek. TO DATE, THE SCC HAS ALREADY RAISED $15K OF THESE FUNDS. For those of you not familiar with this area, this should show the significance of this acquisition. What I ask from you, the climbing community, is to help raise the remaining $10K. Please look below for types of donors that the SCC needs in order to help close the contract on this property.

On a side note, the SCC still has $4K remaining for the Steele purchase! Please help close this account. If I can get 2 people to give $2K a piece, I will personally send each of you a brand new rope.

Thanks in advance to each of you for helping with the fundraising for Deep Creek. I cannot stress how important this acquisition will be for this incredible crag along the Cumberland Trail. I would also like to thank the Cumberland Trail Conference, the Triple Crown Bouldering Series, and the private donors for whom have been incredibly gracious for their “in advance” contributions!!!”

Paul Morley, SCC President

Quick Facts:

Here is your chance to gain access to an incredible climbing area here in the deep South — DEEP CREEK! All donations are tax-deductible. All donations will update/renew your SCC membership.

To date we have raised $15,000 in donations and pledges towards our goal of $25,000, about 60% of our goal. We need $10,000 to finish our purchase of Deep Creek.

How to Get Involved and What You Are Getting Into:

If you’re interested in pledging, just sign up below. If you want to donate, you can do so online at or send a check to:

**Deep Creek Project**
275 Stone Mill Trail NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

Deep Creek Sponsor List

Goal = $25,000.00 for land and all expenses (survey, appraisal, fees, etc.)

Platinum Sponsor:
2 sponsors needed at $1,000.00 each (or more) = $2,000.00 projected
Platinum sponsors get their name on plaque presented at event, website, t-shirt, wooden plaque at cliff kiosk, and in writing at kiosk

Gold Sponsor:
3 sponsors needed at $500.00 = $1,500.00 projected
Gold sponsor get their name listed on website, t-shirt and in writing at kiosk

Silver Sponsor:
10 donors needed at $200 each = $2,000.00 projected
Silver sponsors get their name listed on website, t-shirt and in writing at kiosk

Bronze Sponsor:
10 donors needed at $100 each = $1,000.00 projected
Bronze sponsor get their name listed on website, t-shirt and in writing at kiosk

Copper Sponsor:
30 donors needed at $50 each = $1,500.00 projected

Magnesium Sponsor:
$25 or less – 80 donors or more- $2,000.00 needed
Copper and Magnesium sponsors get their name listed on the website as a donor.

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