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Top Places to Get Outside This Spring

rootsrated-mobile-screenshotEditor’s note: If you haven’t heard about RootsRated yet, it’s a new outdoor recreation guide with only the best local outdoor experiences, curated by local experts. Rock/Creek has been a leader in the development of this new tool. We’d love for you to check it out.

We’re also excited to introduce Fynn Glover, co-founder at RootsRated, who will be writing about outdoor activities for us periodically.

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re traveling and wish we could ask a local where to get outdoors. RootsRated is a resource for people to find the best runs, rides, climbs, paddle routes, and more–all curated by local experts and specialty outdoor retailers.

We’re currently working with over 55 retailers, and we’re live in 35 cities. We’re launching in new cities all the time, so keep in touch.

With spring in the air, we wanted to highlight a few of the amazing outdoor destinations that our local experts have been writing about. If you haven’t experienced these places, they’re sure to delight.


Best Trail Running in Chattanooga

  1. Pot Point by Dawson Wheeler
  2. Mabbit Springs by Matt Sims
  3. Big Daddy Loop by John Wiygul

Best Climbing in Chattanooga

  1. Little Rock City by Whitney Boland
  2. Tennessee Wall by Chris Watford
  3. Rock Town by Whitney Boland

Best Cycling in Chattanooga

  1. Flintstone Loop by Michael Viertel
  2. Suck Creek by Matt Sims
  3. Raccoon Mountain by Josh Legg

Best mountain Biking in Chattanooga

  1. Raccoon Mountain by Barry Smith
  2. Tanasi by Michael Viertel
  3. Five Points by Erik Graper

Best Backpacking in Chattanooga

  1. Foster Falls by Dreama Campbell
  2. Savage Gulf by Dawson Wheeler
  3. Prentice Cooper by Dawson Wheeler

Best Flat Water Paddling in Chattanooga

  1. Lookout Creek by Samantha Christen
  2. Tennessee River Blueway by Samantha Christen
  3. Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge by Samantha Christen

And if you’re headed out of town this spring, here are a few other amazing destinations that we think you’ll love.

Hiking to Midway Pond in Independence Pass near Aspen, CO

Paddling Cuckolds Creek in Hilton Head, SC

Trail Running Blackett’s Ridge  in Tucson, AZ

Paddling the Chattahoochee in Metro Atlanta, GA

Climbing in Linville Gorge near Asheville, NC

Hiking in Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN

Trail Running Tennessee Valley Beach in San Francisco, CA

Wishing you an adventurous spring. If you can’t make it to all these places, we hope you’ll enjoy living vicariously through the photos.

If you’d like to get in touch with RootsRated, please don’t be shy. Drop me a note at Fynn at RootsRated dot com.

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