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Trail Running on Local Chattanooga Trails

Located at the head of the Tennessee River Gorge and nestled between Lookout and Signal Mountains, Chattanooga is blessed with quick and easy access to hundreds of miles of very scenic trails for running and day hiking.

Trail Descriptions:

Blue Blazes Trail (Moccassyn Bend)

Booker T. Washington State Park Trail

Craven’s House Loop Trail (Lookout Mtn)

Edward’s Point (Signal Mtn)

Mabbot Springs Trail (Signal Mtn)

Mullens Cove Loop Trail (Signal Mtn)

Tanasi Trail (Cherokee National Forest)

Whitesides-Shingles-Glenn Falls Trails (Lookout Mtn)

2 thoughts on “Trail Running on Local Chattanooga Trails

  1. Just an FYI. But none of the links for the various trails work…the links are dead.

  2. Hey Blake- Thanks for the update. We are working on all the redirects since we launched the new website. Take a look through them now, they should all be working as far as the links to the trail pages.

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