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Urban Rocks Gym Under Construction

Gym OverviewIndoor climbing is coming to Chattanooga with the construction of Urban Rocks Gym. About a month ago, ground was broken for Chattanooga’s first full service rock climbing facility. The gym, designed by Rockwerx Inc., will have 35 ft heights and 10,000 square feet of varying climbing terrain. With close attention to customer service, ever changing routes and a helpful staff, Urban Rocks hopes to become a great tool for bringing the Chattanooga climbing scene together.
For the last two years Chris Gibson and Rebecca Robran have been steadily working on bringing indoor climbing to the city. “It’s been a long, tiring process with raising our own capitol, planning, and finding the right bank for financing, but we’re very excited to see this project finally break ground” Gibson explains.
The facility will be located off of Amnicola Hwy. and will house over 10,000 sq. feet of climbing wall surface, which will include lead climbing, top ropes, top out bouldering, a teaching/kids wall, and a training area. The gym will cater to all abilities, from the professional climber to the complete novice. “We really hope to help bring the climbing community together, and to aid in fostering a really positive scene in the community of climbers and non climbers alike” Robran explains.
Metro Rock BostonClimbing is among the fastest growing sports in the country. Anyone who has been climbing for the last ten years can attest to the remarkable surge in popularity and one of the fundamental focuses of the facility will be education. A wide variety of specialized classes ranging from Intro to climbing, to Leading, to Self Rescue, will be offered. Gibson hopes for the gym to contribute to the overall safety and experience level of the Chattanooga climbing community: “One of our goals is to provide ample opportunity for beginners to learn how to climb safely and smartly with others”
The gym has a projected opening date of mid-December with a grand opening scheduled for the beginning of the New Year. It’s shaping up to be a great event with vendors, slide shows and raffles. Check out the website for updates as the gym progresses.
The diagram at the top of this page shows the overview of the gym plan created by Rockwerx. The photo shows another Rockwerx-designed gym in Boston. We’ll post more details here as they come, so stay tuned.
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