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Wanna Bike to Work Tomorrow?

“A bike, a camera, and tons of fat cells to burn…” With a subtitle like that, Portrait of a Velocipedist is certain to be an interesting blog. Ryan Coulter, one of our e-commerce fulfillment managers, has started to chronicle his daily bike commute from the Southside to our warehouse on this photo blog. Check it out!
Bike to Work DayWhile you’re there, think about whether it’s possible to trade your car in for a bike commute. After all, this is Bike Month, and Thursday (that’s right, tomorrow!) is National Bike to Work Day. What better time to start? You’ll save the air a few tons of pollutants every year, and you might learn something new about your city. I started biking to work regularly a few years ago (now I walk, because I’ve moved so close to the office that I have to create the illusion that I’m actually going “away” to work, and biking is just too quick). It’s amazing the different things you see on a bike that you just don’t have time to see in a car. I love walking and cycling because they’re on a human scale, and you can interact with other people face to face, something that’s impossible in a car.
Do you bike to work? Walk? Unicycle? Let us know. We’re collecting stories about how you, our customers and readers, have changed your lifestyles in order to reduce the harm you cause to the environment. We’ve already had some interesting stories about things like Tyvek wallets, and we’re looking for more! E-mail them to Mark [at], and you could earn your fifteen minutes of fame right here on the Rock Creek Chronicle.
Thanks to the folks at the MotionBased Blog for the heads up on Bike Week.
Hey, why not pick up a sweet RockCreek Hincapie jersey for your daily commute?