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Warm Winter Camping Recipes

If you’ve ever sat around a campsite on a winter night and slurped ramen noodles, well, you know how disappointing that is. A well-planned hot meal can make all the difference at the end of a long day outside, and will send you off to your sleeping bag feeling full and satisfied. 

The next time you go camping, spice things up by planning ahead and getting creative with your meals. We’ve rounded up a few ideas that put simple twists on classic recipes, so you can revamp your camp kitchen (and impress your friends). 

Breakfast: Johnny Appleseed Oatmeal

Forget the instant packets and opt for this slightly fancier version of sweet seedy oatmeal. It’s as easy as boiling water and slicing apples, and it’s a thousand times heartier (and yummier) than the stuff from the little brown paper pouches.

Get the full recipe here from Fresh Off the Grid. 

Lunch: Apple and Bacon Grilled Cheese

For a fun twist on an old favorite, spruce up your grilled cheeses with sliced apples (breakfast leftovers, anyone?) and pre-cooked bacon. Bonus points for healthy, multi-grain bread and fresh cheese. Trust us, this beats cold lunch meat and white bread any day.

Get the full recipe here from Fresh Off the Grid.

Dinner: Chili Campfire Bake

Stick with a classic cold-weather dish and whip up a big pot of chili at your campsite. This one combines macaroni, canned chili and Fritos and is ready in no time.

Get the full recipe here from Six Sisters Stuff. 

Dessert: Pumpkin Butter Nutella S’mores

Same great concept, all grown up. This version of a s’more uses pumpkin butter and a dollop of Nutella to bring fresh, delicious flavors to an age-old dessert.

Get the full recipe here from Fresh Off the Grid.

Trail Snacks: 5 Ingredient Granola Bars

These healthy energy bars are naturally sweetened with dates and honey, and are super simple to make. They require just five ingredients, but you can easily customize them by adding your own favorites into the mix.

Get the full recipe here from Minimalist Baker. 

Night Cap: Campfire Mulled Wine

What’s better than wine in winter? You guessed it– hot wine. All you need for this spicy, fruity beverage is a bottle of red wine (don’t forget the cork screw!), oranges and a few spices. Warm it over whatever heat source you have, pour and enjoy!

Get the full recipe here from Fresh Off the Grid. 

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