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Win a $500 Patagonia shopping spree in our July contest!

You’ve probably been shopping the summer Patagonia sale on — and if you haven’t, hurry up, those styles won’t last much longer — but what about styles that aren’t on sale? What about the new Patagonia clothing for fall? We have you covered there, as well; all you’ll need is a little bit of luck. Throughout July, we’ll be accepting entries on our home page, and at the end of the month we’re going to give away a $500 Patagonia shopping spree. That’s FREE Patagonia clothing, which is even better than a Patagonia sale if you ask me.

It’s as simple as it sounds; the lucky winner will receive a $500 budget with which to buy anything and everything Patagonia. Much easier than, say, running around one of our stores with a shopping cart, on-the-clock, while being heckled by onlookers… although that would probably be more interesting to watch!

To enter the giveaway, visit our home page and enter your email in the form at lower right. Winners will be chosen at the end of July when the entry period has expired, and we’ll notify you via the email you’ve entered. Make sure you check the “Patagonia” box for your preferences, while you’re there.

IMPORTANT: even if you’re already on our newsletter list, you’ll still need to enter your email on this page in order to sign up for this Patagonia contest specifically; we choose from accounts created or modified during the contest period.

So, that’s it: entering our monthly home page contest is as easy as entering your email address in a box. In the meantime, shop Patagonia at Rock/Creek and think about what you’ll buy with your $500 budget if you win!

10 thoughts on “Win a $500 Patagonia shopping spree in our July contest!


  2. So where is the contest signup page?

  3. patagonia contest

  4. Patagonia rocks!

  5. What if your name was Pat A. Gonia.

  6. @William: Oops! I’ve updated the text. Just go to our home page and enter your email in the newsletter box at lower right.

    @Colin: Then you could impress the ladies by telling them you had all of your clothes monogrammed?

    @Ryan: your riveting comment was almost eaten by our spam filter!

  7. Patagonia, there is no better clothing.

  8. Great idea… this contest will generate a lot of interest.

  9. LOVE Patagonia just as much as the great outdoors itself!!!

  10. Pick me! Pick me!

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