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More press for RockCreek Adventure Race Team

i just found another article mentioning the rockcreek adventure race team and their outstanding performance in the goldrush 24. this article from greg yetter comes from

after a night of gusty winds and near freezing temps, dawn arrived and with it a hope for a warm day. with the better conditions teams moved through the race course with determination. a determination to finish.
earlier race officials calculated that only 6 teams could finish the entire course in the allotted time. of those only half did and all were 3 person coed teams.
first across the finish line was team 2-enduraventure. with every report from the outlying cp/ta’s the team showed no hint of losing their lead on the chase teams.
next, team 17-rock creek outfitters were reported at ta4. in short order they ran from the canoe take-out to downtown woodstock, ga and a crowd cheering them into the finish line. some of the crowd was provided by the city of woodstock. it was great that a chili/barbeque cook off was held in the same park as the finish line. [continued on]

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