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Wall Street Journal Chooses for Deuter’s Kid Comfort II Backpack

The Wall Street Journal chose to outfit themselves with a Deuter Kid Comfort II Backpack. They chose the Kid Comfort as “Best Overall” in a test of backpack-style kid carriers. So next time you head out on the trail, take Junior with you with the Deuter Kid Comfort packs.

The lighter Deuter Kid Comfort II ($179 at Rock Creek) won unanimous approval. “I didn’t know I was wearing it,” dad James Kolenski said of the nearly six-pound pack after the hike was over. The carrier also had a well-designed kickstand, vents to help stay cool and lots of storage room. And our younger testers? Baby Megan fell asleep within minutes, her head pressing gently into the padded backrest. As mom Suzanne Kolenski concluded, “She’s obviously cozy in there.” If only they made one big enough to hold adults, too. It’s our Best Overall. {See full article on]

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Ever since Hans Deuter started making bags to supply the Bavarian Post Office in 1898, Deuter has focused on making the best possible packs. By 1971, Deuter had become the largest producer of backpacks, luggage, and bags in Germany. The first AirComfort bags debuted in 1987, with the AirContact series following in 1996, the Advanced Comfort System in 1999, and the AC Lite series in 2002. The first kid carrier pack hit the market in 2003 and has been perfected in the years that followed.
In a little over a year, Deuter moved up from an outsider status on our sales floor to become our best selling pack line. We believe that Deuter fills a unique niche in the backpack market, and we are proud to offer their line to you.

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