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American Trails National Symposium to Come to Chattanooga- Building Public Awareness Expo Kickoff

Chattanooga, TN is the designated location for the 2010 American Trails National Symposium commencing in November. The honor comes with Chattanooga’s continued growth in run, hike, paddle, and bike friendly green spaces which make our city a perfect candidate for this year’s Nationally recognized event. The 20th American Trails theme will be “Trails: The Green Way for America”, appropriate to the city’s sustainability campaigns and natural surroundings naming us “The Scenic City”.
From November 14-17, 2010, a network of trail planners and builders will unite under this theme to discuss motorized and non-motorized issues, as well as visions for trails and greenways nationally. Guest Speaker events, hikes, trail cleanups, educational workshops and exhibits will be made available via Full Package Symposium Registration, Single Day Registration or Free to the Public events.
As we evolve to be an eco-conscious, outdoor recreating community, trails gain greater value in providing access to parks and valuable alternative pathways of transportation. Chattanooga’s Tennessee Riverwalk is a 20 mile stretch through Downtown, offering passage to commuters and runners. The 1890 fully restored Walnut Street Bridge is one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges and features both shore areas of the Tennessee River for tourists and daily users.
Please join us as Chattanooga’s greenways are highlighted in the spectacular National event of celebrating green spaces through the 20th American Trails National Symposium.
Come to the official beginning event for the Symposium on Sunday, November 14, 2010 from 2-6pm for the “Building Public Awareness for Trails” Event. This is Open to the Public at the Convention Center in Downtown Chattanooga. Community leaders, trail advocates and users are welcome to come and view exhibitors and learn more about the Symposium.
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