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Congrats to Rock/Creek’s Leadville 100 Crew!

If you were in Leadville, Colorado last weekend and didn’t run into anyone from Chattanooga, you weren’t paying attention! Chattanoogans, including several Rock/Creek Race Team members, crushed this year’s Leadville 100 Mile trail race. We just have to brag on these guys and gals…

First off, to even have ten people from our fair city who could get in to the race is a huge accomplishment. While a couple of the guys ran into some trouble on the course, many of our runners finished. Here’s a photo of most of our crew:

Leadville 100 Crew
Leadville 100 Crew

Here’s how everyone from Chattanooga did in the race:

Samuel Hammonds, a relatively new ultrarunner, finished first among Chattanooga runners. As Brian Costilow said: “[Samuel] crushed it at 24:11!! He beat my best time from two years ago on his first go.”

Brian Costilow (27:42) finished his 9th Leadville race last weekend, getting him one step closer to the coveted 1,000 miler buckle.

Robin Crump (28:23)

Daniel Lucas (28:23)

Lindsay Crawford (29:02)

Pete Persolja (29:25)

Chad Wamack (29:45)

Michael Emerling made it to the 50 mile mark at Winfield. Cal Hill isn’t in this photo but also made it up Hope Pass and ran over 50 miles.

Randy Whorton made it 87 miles before becoming sick with pulmonary edema. For those of you who do not already know him, Randy is our fearless Salomon Rock/Creek Trail Series race director and Wild Trails executive director.

Susan and Jarret Kinder, Laura Reynolds, Matt and Natalie Sims, Lisa Wamack, as well as Randy’s family also went out to help. Kimber Keplinger crewed for Brian for the first 50 miles and then ran the last 50. Britt Reynolds paced Chad Wamack for 50 miles.

Nice job everyone! Were you in Leadville this past weekend? Do you have stories or photos to share? Please let us know in the comments below, and keep the discussion going on twitter with the hashtag #SalomonRCrun.

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