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FREE rain cover included with purchase of any Gregory backpack

I will never forget my first backpacking trip. I hadn’t purchased a rain cover for my brand new pack yet — or a rain jacket, for that matter — and we were caught in the backcountry by a freak summer thunderstorm. There I was, with a kitchen garbage bag draped over my pack, wearing a $1 poncho, splashing down the trail in a driving rain that eventually turned to hail. Needless to say, without the proper gear, nothing on my body or in my pack stayed particularly dry! We were pretty lucky that it was the last day of the trip, or we would’ve had one long, soggy night of sleeping in wet gear to deal with.

At Rock/Creek, we don’t want this to ever happen to you. Seriously. Hopefully, our newest promotion will help: while supplies last, purchase any Gregory pack from Rock/Creek and we will give you the Gregory rain cover to fit that pack… free!

Gregory packs are renowned for their durability and comfort, from the best-selling Baltoro (updated for 2011) and Z series packs to the women’s-specific Jade and Deva backpacks. If you’re ready to take the plunge on a new pack, you can have confidence that Gregory’s well-made packs will stand up to whatever abuse it is you have in mind,and however many miles you want to go.

The Gregory rain cover is fully seam-sealed and waterproof to protect the contents of your pack from the elements, comes in five sizes, and is a $25 value. This promotion ends when we run out of rain covers, so pick yours now and head out into the wilderness; you can still take a garbage bag if you’d like, but only to pick up any litter you might find along the way!

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