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Ice, Bears, and Parachutes…Will Gadd’s inspiring presentation at Rock/Creek

Rock/Creek would like to thank headline sponsors, the American Alpine Club and Arc’teryx (makers of all those awesome alpine rain jackets and climbing packs) in our successful, and quite entertaining, pint night with Will Gadd this past Saturday evening at our 2 North Shore store.  Complete with commemorative pint glasses from Rock/Creek and a couple of local brews on tap from the Chattanooga Brewing Company, a captive audience was treated to the renowned ice-climber, paraglider, mountaineer and 2014-2015 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year as he gave an inspiring account of his life’s journeys and accomplishments.   Accompanied with anecdotal quips and his non-chalant wit, Will described such diverse experiences as feeling the breath of a feeding grizzly as he quietly floated by in an overturned kayak, the exhilarations of  jumping out of an ultralight with a paraglider at 19,000 feet above the Grand Canyon, and the absurd tribulations often associated with being a “professional” explorer/adventurer.

But, it is ice-climbing that is Will Gadd’s true “joie de vivre” and this was evident in his unbridled enthusiasm as he told the standing room only audience the riveting details behind many of his most successful climbing adventures.  From such frozen places as Colorado Rockies, the Canadian Rockies, Nepal, Greenland, and the wildly surreal icebergs off the coast of Labrador, Will recounted the thrills of first-ascents and the anguish of failed attempts of many of his climbing trips. His motivations, his influences, and his dreams of living a life “at play” were all touched upon, with both laughter and wit, during this slide presentation. It was a personal and inspiring account that was extremely well-received by all in attendance. With the primary message being, to put it rather simply: “Get outside everyday, be active, and experience life!”…and that is a resonating message we, here at Rock/Creek, fully support!



With over one hundred people in attendance for this pint night, as well as the climbing clinics with High Point over the weekend, around $1600 was raised for the AAC’s Live Your Dream Grant–a small grant program sponsored by The North Face. These funds allows aspiring climbers of all ranks from our southern region to test their limits and push the boundaries of their climbing experience.  Again, Rock/Creek thanks, not only the sponsors, but everyone that came out and showed their support for a truly world-class climber.

…And be sure to join the American Alpine Club and to help support future programs like this for Chattanooga’s awesome climbing community!







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