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Introducing Sea to Summit down sleeping bags

This spring, for the first time, Sea to Summit has launched a comprehensive line of high-quality down sleeping bags. Beyond the expected amount of buzz that a significant product launch generates, however, it’s worth noting that Sea to Summit has actually put so much research & development into these bags, it’s almost overwhelming.

It would take quite a few words to explain all of the cutting-edge features, so we won’t tackle the minutiae here. However, we’ve written individual articles about the more groundbreaking points. Wondering just what a 3D NanoShell is, or why on earth you should be interested in an IDFL certification? Check out the following links, which will help you wrap your brain around the elite character of these down sleeping bags:

Not satisfied with mere technological advantages, Sea to Summit has jammed a host of features into each of their down sleeping bags. Traverse sleeping bags and some of the Trek bags offer Short versions (5′, 5″ length) that women and shorter men will appreciate — why carry the extra weight? — and all bags are available in long versions. Trek, Traverse and Alpine sleeping bags can be zipped together in any combination, while Micro bags can be zipped together with other Micro bags.

Want more? The Traverse, Micro and Trek sleeping bags can be zipped completely open into a down comforter for versatility. Alpine and Traverse bags use a 3D differential-cut pattern in the hood for thermal efficiency, with oversized neck collars & draft tubes. To top it off, all of the Sea to Summit down sleeping bags include a lightweight Ultra-Sil compression bag, mesh storage cell & laundry bag.

Whew! Here are links to each of the sleeping bags, now available at Rock/Creek:



This is a product line inspired by Sea to Summit founder Tim Macartney-Snape’s admission that “I’ve owned many different sleeping bags but I’ve never been entirely happy with any of them,” and the level of commitment required to solve this problem is on full display in the final result.

To put it plainly, Sea to Summit has poured more engineering effort into these sleeping bags than we can adequately explain in this space, and the design is in the details. We’re impressed, and think you will be too.

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