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Jamie Dial Third in Tsali Foot Fest

Rock/Creek Race Team member Jamie Dial placed third in the Tsali Foot Fest in Almond, NC, this past weekend. He came in after our friend Mark Lundblad and Jeff Edmonds. Lundblad came in at 3:46:33, Edmonds 3:51:33, and Dial came in close behind at 3:53:58. Congrats to all!
The race benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and has a 50k, 25k, or 8 k option.
Here are the other top 3 positions from the race:
Women’s 50k top three:tsali-flyer.jpg
1.Rebecca Phalen – 4:54:56
2.Sarah Woerner – 5:25:23
3.Dominique Benson – 5:40:31
Men’s 25k top three:
1.Kevin Lisska – 1:49:36
2.Mark Ledyard – 1:50:57
3.Matt Roane – 1:51:46
Women’s 25k top three:
1.Anne Lunblad – 1:57:06
2.Elizabeth Patrick – 1:59:32
3.Kelsey Hanger – 2:08:58
Men’s 8k top three:
1.Curtis Rowe – 37:16:00
2.Jason Aytes – 38:00:00
3.John Hillman – 38:04:00
Women’s 8k top three:
1.Julie Richards – 38:20:00
2.Michelle Scifers – 40:19:00
3.Rebecca Graham – 43:05
(Thanks to Asheville’s Citizen-Times for the tip)
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