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John Brower’s new blog: Hundred Mile Fun Run

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably seen one of John Brower’s race reports. He’s one of our favorites, and his race reports rarely disappoint.

Don’t believe me? Check out this race report, or this one.

John has a penchant for running long, long, LONG races, and does so with an enthusiasm that’s hard not to admire. He lives in Mississippi, which means brutal heat and no hills to train on, so running big races out west with major elevation gain is borderline insane. He hosts the bizarre, inhospitable Big Butts ultra.

Know how he started running? “I began running in October of 2001, the same day that I stopped smoking,” John says. “I went out and tried to run a mile, and made it about 200 yards before coughing my brains out… at that point I knew something had to give, so I threw away my smokes, and signed up for (a) Marathon that following March.”

So, seriously, Brower is the best. In any event, John has started his own blog, aptly named Hundred Mile Fun Run.

He’s just posted a race report from running the San Juan Solstice 50-miler in Colorado. Here’s a sample:

“I filled up my bottles, tried to eat some sandwiches, spit ‘em out, tried to eat some cookies, spit ‘em out, and decided I needed to do all I could to get down to a manageable altitude so maybe I could hold down some food.”

Check out his full San Juan Solstice 50 race report here.

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