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Lizzie and John say ‘Hello’ from Fort Simpson and Beyond

We have heard from our employee friends Lizzie and John and they are doing well on their adventure down the Mackenzie. Here are some photos from their trip so far, and a little write up from Lizzie. Read about their initial kick-off [Here] ~ Rock/Creek

“The trip is going smoothly for us. The first week was a little trying… getting our arms back in shape, learning to live with our new neighbors the black flys, horse flys and mosquitoes, and headwinds, thunderstorms and such. but now we are well into the swing of things, we were able to do 80km yesterday!
John is posting more photos today. When we arrive in Normon Wells he will post more. Thanks again for the spot! ” ~Lizzie

One of many sunsets on the river.

Rock/Creek wishes Lizzie and John safe travels as they continue to float on, and we will update you when we hear more from them.
To follow Lizzie and John’s Spot Adventure click their profile link [HERE] >

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  1. Glad to hear you got back into the swing of things and adjusted to the changes well. Look forward to seeing your photos.

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