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The North Face FuseForm Jackets: Now Available at R/C!

UPDATE, 2/27/15: The North Face FuseForm Jackets have arrived at Rock/Creek. Read our interview with the product team who designed the technology here, or shop for Fuseform here.


The North Face FuseForm: The Future of Exploration
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The North Face is proving its commitment to the latest in outdoor apparel technology with the release of the new 2015 FuseForm jacket. Lighter in weight than the current record holder by over 15 percent, this incredible new jacket has managed what no other jacket has yet: it’s almost entirely eliminated the need for heavy, bulky seams.


Adopting a special FuseForm technology, The North Face has been able to weave two materials together using in an advanced manufacturing process (as opposed to the traditional method of stitching the pieces together at the seams). Most of a regular jacket’s weight comes from these seams—in addition to fabric overlap, the thread and seam tape add weight—which means you get the same level of protection without any of the added bulk. In fact, The North Face FuseForm designers crafted these jackets to be even more durable in high-abrasion zones, and all while reducing the weight.


Ready to Buy a FuseForm Jacket?


We will offer two The NorthFace jackets for mend and women in the FuseForm line. These rain jackets use reinforcements in the shoulders, sides, and inner arms without heaping on more seams and fabrics. We’re excited to share them with you and will post here as soon as we hear that the jackets are in stock.


For anyone who knows how much each ounce matters, the new North Face FuseForm line is an incredible advancement in outdoor technology. With a great minimalist look, more durable fabrics, and a lighter feel overall, you’ll wonder how you ever relied on anything else.


Kudos to The North Face for proving there’s always more room for innovation in the outdoor apparel market. We can’t wait to get our hands on these! We’re actually working with the designers now to provide an exclusive interview asking all the tough questions about why they invented these rain jackets and how the technology works.

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