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Oakley Rolling O Lab Appearing at Rock/Creek

rolling-o-lab.jpgThe pulse is irresistible, the sight will attract your eyes like a magnet, the lure will draw you in from across the street… no, I am not talking about a man dressed in Elvis Disco.
If you drive by Rock/Creek Two North Shore location this Friday, June 26, you will be mesmerized by a 40-foot motor coach, decaled from bumper to bumper. Do not be alarmed, they are our friends Oakley.
The famed Rolling- O- Lab will be making an appearance in Chattanooga, TN at Rock/Creek Two North Shore parking lot on Friday June 26th, from 12-6pm. This curbside venue will display Oakley’s latest High Definition Optics technology, and demonstrate their sun and sport glass protection.
Oakley Area Representative, Jason Aronson, will be present along with highly knowledgeable Rock/Creek staff.
Stop on by to check out this mobile “science lab” and discover for yourself, why roughly 80% of all Beijing Olympic Athlete’s chose Oakley for their eye protection.
Stick around the area for Oakley’s continued support of Rock/Creek’s Doug Scott Wilderness Talk starting at 6pm. Refreshments will be provided during the book signing.

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