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Quick reference: a “cheat sheet” for buying down-filled Marmot sleeping bags

You probably know this already, but Marmot makes really, really nice sleeping bags, especially the down bags. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with any of them! That said, there are so many different Marmot down sleeping bags, it can be a little confusing to browse the selection. Which fill-power of goose down best fits your needs and budget? Are you looking to save every gram, or do you need a waterproof shell fabric?

It’s OK, we’re here to help. First things first: goose down is rated by fill-power; the higher the number, the more efficient and lofty the down is… which means achieving the same temperature ratings at a lighter weight than lower-quality down.

Second, as of 2014, all Marmot goose down bags except the MemBrain bags (which feature a waterproof, breathable shell fabric) feature “down defender” technology, a coating that helps the down stay lofty and warm when damp.

Need more help deciding? Call our customer service team at 888-707-6708 and we’ll help you sort through the choices to choose the Marmot sleeping bag that’s best for you. Stay warm out there this winter!

Some notes to help you out with the chart below: Marmot “regular” sleeping bags are 6’0″ long, Marmot “long” sleeping bags are 6’6″, and Marmot women’s sleeping bags are 5’6″ long. We haven’t listed the long sleeping bags below, but most of these bags have a counterpart for tall folks.


Sleeping Bag Rating Fill Power Weight
Marmot Plasma 40 +40°F 875+ 1lb 3oz
Marmot Plasma 30 +30°F 875+ 1lb 7oz
Marmot Plasma 15 +15°F 875+ 2lb 0oz
Marmot Atom +40°F 850+ 1lb 8oz
Marmot Hydrogen +30°F 850+ 1lb 12oz
Marmot Helium +15°F 850+ 2lb 6oz
Marmot Xenon (Women’s) +15°F 850+ 2lb 9.0oz
Marmot Lithium +0°F 850+ 2lb 12oz
Marmot Col MemBrain -20°F 800+ 3lb 14oz
Marmot CWM MemBrain -40°F 800+ 4lb 9oz
Marmot Always Summer +40°F 650 1lb 13oz
Marmot Never Winter +30°F 650 2lb 0oz
Marmot Angel Fire (Women’s) +25°F 650 2lb 10oz
Marmot Sawtooth +15°F 650 2lb 11oz
Marmot Teton (Women’s) +15°F 650 3lb 4oz
Marmot Never Summer +0°F 650 3lb 8oz
Marmot Ouray (Women’s) +0°F 650 3lb 10oz

Marmot down sleeping bags have been the best in the business for a long, long time. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this image from the 1977 Marmot catalog, provided courtesy of Marmot:

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