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Trail Running at Edward’s Point

Distance: 8 miles

Trail: Out & Back Dirt Road/Some Single Track

Difficulty: Intermediate

Location: Signal Mountain

Directions: Follow Signal Mtn Rd (127) up Signal Mtn.  Just before the stoplight at the top of the mtn, take a sharp left onto Signal Mtn. Blvd.  Within a couple of 100 yards bear right (across from import car place) onto Maryland Ave., which almost immediately runs into James Blvd.  Start looking to your left for a road called Timberlinks, which is before you reach the Golf Course.  Turn left onto Timberlinks and follow for about 2 miles.  You will go down a hill and up a steep curvy hill. When you crest the hill, park on the left. You should see dirty road trail heads. If you pass the power lines you’ve gone too far. Park anywhere off the road and take any of those trailheads, as they all converge on the same point, Edwards point.

Trail Description: This trail provides one of the most spectacular views of the Tennessee River Gorge and Downtown Chattanooga, from Edwards Point. The rule of thumb on this trail is to ignore the lesser trails used on the right or left and remain on the well-used trail.  You may want to use this trail in dry weather, as it tends to be quite muddy within days after a good rain. The trail system is very confusing and there are trail junctions and colored trail markers everywhere. There is no easy way to tell you how to get to Edwards Point, other than follow your sense of direction. You will descend steadily and Edwards Point is obvious because most trails converge there. You would be hard pressed to NOT find Edwards Point, however finding the best most direct trail there, would be difficult to describe.  The trail system of Edwards Point is great if you want to run for a long time. There are many single-track trails that will take you to Signal Point or to Shackelford Ridge Park. You can even join the Cumberland Trail from this point. Edward’s Point is a great trail to run with a partner, as first timers might feel intimidated by the many trail crossings.

Click here to view a map provided by the Cumberland Trail Conference. The map shows Edwards Point and Signal Point, and should give you an idea of the layout of the land.

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