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Trail Running Nutrition Tips

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Trail running is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the outdoor industry. Barely recognized as a sport a few years ago, trail running was viewed as a speedy alternative to hiking. However, with the emergence of ultra-distance running on trails the prestige that comes with winning a trail race has increased tremendously. As trail running becomes more mainstream, it is important that you as a runner remember a few crucial bits of nutritional information that will make any trail run all the more enjoyable.

Hydration: The Key to Performance

Proper hydration is at the forefront of any activity you plan to participate in. If your body is in motion, then you need to make sure that you are hydrated. Water is essential to the human body. 60-70% of our body mass is water, up to 90% of our brain mass is water, and up to 75% of muscle tissue is comprised of water. Water is also the main component of blood