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Dreama Campbell, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 40
Number of years running: 9
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Occupation: Personal fitness trainer

Favorite trail race(s):
Upchuck 50k

Favorite trails to train on:
Cumberland Trail

Favorite trail running shoe(s):
La Sportiva Crosslite

Lifelong running goals:
To be running when I am 70 years old!!!

Some of the bigger events I’ve done are Ironman Florida 2006, Ironman Arizona 2008, Ironman Louisville 2009, Ironman Cozumel 2009, Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2011. Pinhoti 100 (2010), Laurel Highlands 77 (2010), Headlands 50 (2010), Quachita 50 (2011) and Lookout Mountain 50 (2011).

I feel blessed to have the ability to run in the woods, ride my bike and be physically active everyday of my life and love to share my passion for living a healthy life with others.

2012 Season Summary:
Scenic City Trail Marathon, Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race

Proudest running accomplishments:
Probably the Pinhoti 100 and Laurel Highlands 77 as far as distance goes. Other proud moments would be coming in first overall female at Mystery Mountain Marathon (2008, 2011), Duncan Ridge 50k (2011) and Cumberland Trail 50k (2009). While placing is great… I just feel blessed to be able to run, keep it fun and stay healthy.

Planned races for 2013:

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