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Buyer’s Guide: 2013 Men’s Kuhl shorts & pants

Ever since we first displayed a selection of Kühl pants and shorts at Rock/Creek 2 North Shore, we’ve been hearing a ton of feedback. Everyone who buys them seems to love them, and can’t wait to tell us how much and why. Everyone who hasn’t heard of Kuhl before wants to know all about them. And every employee who wears a pair to work finds that customers ask about them …it’s uncanny!

We’re here to help — or at least try — and we’re excited about Kuhl shorts too, so we thought we’d take to the blog to answer the two most common customer questions.

Question 1 — That’s called an umlaut, and we can’t pronounce it correctly either.
Question 2 — These four are our favorites:


Kuhl Ramblr Short

The 10″ Ramblr Short is made with a sweet 75/25 cotton/nylon blend, for all-day comfort with a quicker dry time than straight-up nylon. Cut for maximum mobility and featuring strategically-placed ventilation to keep you dry during those soupy summer months.

But who are we kidding? You don’t care about the technical features of a pair of shorts, and neither do we. They’re shorts. These look really good and they will last a long time. You should buy some.

Kuhl Renegade Short

The 10″ Renegade Short is sort of the softshell brother to the Ramblr. No cotton here — just a nylon/spandex blend with plenty of stretch that won’t soak up water and dries fast like a board short.

These are THE choice for summer hiking & climbing, exploring canyons in Zion or whatever it is you’re planning on this spring and summer. I mean, it’s your life, you can wear them dumpster diving if you want. They’re awesome shorts, we promise.

Kuhl Revolvr Pant

FYI: just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to show off your knobby knees all the time. Maybe you’re visiting a temple and long pants are required; maybe it’s cool on summer nights where you live.

Knees are the story of the Kuhl Revolvr Pant, anyway, with an awesome articulated knee and gussets in the right places. With a 75/25 cotton/nylon blend, this just might be the perfect travel pant. Cut specifically for athletes with extra thigh muscle — cyclists, take note!

Kuhl Rydr Pant

The men’s Rydr pant is the classic mountain pant reimagined, tough as nails but more stylish than…nails. That didn’t really work, but you get the idea. Reinforced and double-stitched everywhere you think you might wear them out, from the bottom cuff to the back pockets!

Mostly cotton, with a hint of stretch and available in three inseam lengths. Like the Ramblr, this one has articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for pantomiming crux moves around the barbecue.


We’re outdoor enthusiasts, from our crunchiest hippie beach bum staffers to our most tech-savvy gear nerds, and we’re very selective about which sportswear brands we’ll carry. After all, we’re an outdoor outfitter, not a department store. Kuhl shorts are what we’re wearing — and we think you’ll enjoy wearing Kühl, too. Check them out!

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