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Daniel Lucas, Rock/Creek Race Team

Name: Daniel Lucas

Age: 39

Occupation: IT Data Analytics

Years running: 9

Why do you run? 

My Mantra is that ‘I hit the gym to blow steam, I run trails when I need answers to life’s questions’.   My runs involve time spending time in gratitude, prayer and marking more trees than an incontinent dog.

Favorite places to run: 

Lookout Mountain, Enterprise South Nature Park, Raccoon Mtn

Favorite accomplishments?

By far my greatest pride comes when I see the people I convinced (ok, strong armed) to try the sport are still lacing up and hitting the trail years later.  

Toughest moment during a run/race? 

In training the hardest part is not hitting the snooze button.  If I can get just get my running shoes on, I’m good…….note to self……try sleeping with running shoes on.

The toughest moment in an ultra is when I am visited by the racing god ‘Bonkamedes’ who provides fatigue and nausea until I come to the realization that it’s just not my day…….and also…. I’m only halfway through the race.  That’s when that so called ‘friend’ I talked into trail running years ago flies past me smiling and I wish them well……or perhaps that they will trip and fall into a well.  

What are your goals for 2017?

To volunteer at every Rock/Creek trail race this year.  I also want to lead the first “Rock/Creek Pace Team” at the Stump Jump 50k this year to help people who are nervous about the distance so that they can finish the day with a steady effort.  In other words, I don’t want their first ultra experience to be like mine!

What advice would you give to new runners?

Don’t run hard the first month or two.   Just jog, hike and relax.  If you want to enjoy this sport for more than a few months your body needs to build up for it……Unless someone good looking, younger or both passes you.  Then you sprint past them and say ‘Nothing like 2-a-days to stretch things out after winning Hardrock 100 last week’.

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