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Darth Vader Conquers Leadville 100

So, when Rock/Creek‘s events guy decides to try this twitter and instagram thing, drive across country to run his tenth Leadville 100 mile race, and bring his son along, the result is epic. I’m willing to bet this is the first live-blogging of a 100 miler through the eyes of a child dressed in a Darth Vader costume.

Day one, heading out from home base in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the Rock/Creek Road/Warrior (courtesy of our awesome friends at Toyota of Cleveland).

Day two, Darth Vader discovers something interesting on the plains…

Day three, destination achieved! They arrive in Colorado.

Day 3: R/C Road/Warrior One under the control of Darth Vader…as destination achieved. #LT100

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Day four, anyone up for light saber fishing?

On to day five, where our little guy tries to eliminate Hope Pass from the race.

Day six, a Tauntaun in the high country…

Day six, part two, where he tries a Jedi mind trick, still looking for easier ways over Hope Pass.

Day seven, at the start line, the question is asked: does a light saber count as a headlamp?

In the final hours before the race begins at 3 am (I have a feeling Darth Vader missed this moment). Brian is off to the races.

Brian heads for Hope Pass, round one, already calling it a #sufferfest:

50 miles down. Halfway there…

Now just under half of that half left, and Brian’s looking a little dazed.

The sun begins to shine in the wee hours as Brian catches sight of the 1,000 mile buckle.

Now we’ve lost track of time, but back to Darth Vader, showing off the Jedi bling!

and the saga ends… with tons and tons of race bling and a giant 1,000 miler buckle. Congrats Brian!

#LT100: Ep. X, Day 10:Darth Unmasked,"Father…I am your son"…the saga ends #1000miles

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Now, like all good vacations, it’s time to head back to work:

Special thanks to Kay Erickson for keeping us in the loop during Brian’s run.

A photo posted by Brian Costilow (@costibw) on

Great job Brian!

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