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Introducing Lowe Alpine Packs

Rock/Creek’s online merchandiser, Meesh Smith, talks about a new product line for us, Lowe Alpine. She points out a few of the pioneering innovations from Lowe and mentions a great free gift currently available with Lowe Alpine packs:
Rock/Creek recently decided to bring into our store, the well established and respected Lowe Alpine backpacks. Lowe Alpine has been around as a company since 1967, and started in the Colorado-based shed of well acclaimed climber/mountaineer Greg Lowe. Through innovative, internal frame design ideas that stemmed from Greg and his two brother’s experiences, Lowe Alpine packs quickly became an international necessity. Compression straps, stabilizers, plastic buckles and length-adjustable backs are all now considered industry standards, but were first introduced by Lowe Alpine.
With tons of different packs to choose from, the Lowe Alpine line-up consists of day packs that provide ventilation and have padded hipbelts, to high capacity packs that can offer unique fabrics for waterproofness and incredible durability.
One of the top favorite packs is the classic Contour 60+10 Hyperlite backpack. Made with the minimalist design in mind, the Contour is sleek, holds 4300 cu. in. and weighs a mere 1 lb. 11 oz! With plenty of organizational options and a back panel that provides you with plenty of support and comfort while hauling heavy loads over multiple days, the Contour will quickly become the pack of choice for ultra lightweight packing or just long weekend trips.
For me personally as a woman, the TFX Cerro Torre ND 55+15 Backpack is a perfect fit for my size and with Lowe Alpine’s attention to detail regarding women’s packs, I can carry heavy loads without fatiguing too quickly. Lowe Alpine women’s packs are different than others, mostly because they spent the time to research and found two key differences between the way men and women carry packs and weight. First off, men carry loads concentrated high on their back, creating a higher center of gravity, and women carry weight closer to their lower backs. They also found that women prefer to organize their packs differently, so they created women’s packs with more creative pockets and organizational systems both internally and externally.
Lowe Alpine continues to innovate, creating packs that specifically fit certain styles of outdoor use. They are also extremely sensitive to gender differences and provide the most support for the heaviest of loads.

Right now Rock/Creek is offering a FREE waterbottle pocket when you purchase any Lowe Alpine pack that is priced above 99$. This bottle pocket slides right onto your hipbelt and will fit any type of water bottle for fast and easy to reach hydration. These packs are awesome and if you haven’t looked at them or even heard of them, now is the time to do so.

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