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Reminder: Save 20% on Chacos when you donate shoes ENDS SOON!

Quick reminder: The Chaco recycle program ends next week, on July 5th. Between now and then, purchase any new pair of Chacos, use the coupon code RECYCLE9 and you’ll get 20% off, then when your new shoes come in, send us a pair of gently-used shoes that we will donate to those less fortunate.

Rock/Creek is proud to once again support the Chaco Shoe Donation Program, starting this Friday and running through the Fourth of July weekend. This year’s Rock/Creek and Chaco partnership will benefit the internationally-recognized non profit organization Soles4Souls based in Nashville, TN. Customers are encouraged to donate gently-used pairs of shoes for this organization to then redistribute to those in need. All brands of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear will be accepted for donation. In it’s fifth successful year running, Chaco will offer customers a 20% discount on a new pair of Chaco sandals, the day of donation, for any one pair of lightly used (but re-usable) pair of shoes, boots, or sandals given. Of course, no purchase is required and Rock/Creek invites customers to donate as many pairs of shoes as they would like.
Soles4Souls is an organization derived from one man’s vision to offer aid through footwear to those in need. After the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004, CEO and founder Wayne Elsey felt the urge to help. Nearly 250,000 shoes were collected for the tsunami victims, and shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated our gulf shores, more than 750,000 shoes were collected from the footwear industry. Expanding to international recognition in 2006, Soles4Souls has donated more than 3 Million pairs of shoes to the United States, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.
“In 2008, with the support of loyal Rock/Creek and Chaco customers, over 1,000 pairs of shoes were donated. This year, the shoe donation opportunity will last two weeks and will be available to the public through multiple Rock/Creek venues” says Chaco Representative, Chad Wykle. Stop by Rock/Creek’s Hamilton Place and Two North Shore locations starting Friday June 19, 2009 through Sunday July 5, 2009, with used shoes in hand, to receive your 20% discount. The same discount is available for purchasers online at Online, customers are invited to use coupon code RECYCLE9 for their discount, and then they will be responsible for shipping their donation back in the box they receive from Rock/Creek. At the end of the summer, all the shoes collected will be sent to Soles4Souls and then distributed to those in need throughout the world.
Retailers such as Rock/Creek, and community groups, churches, and schools are all avenues for this donation opportunity. “Rock/Creek is always seeking ways to help people and our planet. The ‘Chaco Recycle Program’ follows our mission to leave a practical legacy of commitment to our community, by recycling older, reusable shoes and preventing them from being trashed in landfills” explains Rock/Creek Marketing Director Mark McKnight. “Who doesn’t have a pair of shoes sitting around that just don’t work for your foot or don’t quite fit perfectly? Now we’re giving you the opportunity to clear out your closet and help others at the same time. Our past Chaco shoe donation programs have supported the elimination of Hookworm anemia in Sub-Saharan African villages, and outfitting an entire village in Uganda with their first shoes.”
For full information about the 2009 Chaco Recycle Program, visit:
Learn more about Soles4Souls by clicking the video below, or visit their website at

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